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Talks and Lectures

Conference Talks:

“Medieval MALLET Mishaps: Topic Modeling Difficult Corpora” with David Mimno and Laure Thompson – International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 2019

“In the Beginning was the Word: How Medieval Text became Fantasy Art” with John Wyatt Greenlee – ISSM, Boundary Crossings, Brock University, October 2018

“Aging Beyond Death: Reconciling Ages of Man and Ages of the World” – International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 2017

“When Aging Breaks Time: Apocalypse and Wandering Old Men” – Medieval Studies Student Colloquium on Order and Disorder, Cornell, February 2015

“’Open-Ers’: The Feminized Voice of the Reeve’s Old Age” – New Chaucer Society, Reykjavík, July 2014

“They Call It God: Mandeville, Cannibalism, and Mirrored Christianities” – NeMLA, Boston, March 2013

“A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Transmission of Ageism in Medieval Pedagogy” – What is Old Age? New Perspectives from the Humanities, Warwick, February 2013

“Usurping Sons’ Voices: Emaré and the Theft of Authority” – 27th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities, Systems of Control/Modes of Resistance, University of West Georgia, November 2012

“Unweaving the Problem: Renderings of Emaré’s Cloak in Later Tales” – 5th MTSU EGSO Conference, Revisions, Retellings, and Adaptations, Middle Tennessee State University, September 2012


“Chaucer v. Cecily: Extending Himpathy, Replicating Overfamiliarity” in “Father Chaucer and the Critics: The Problems of Chaucerian Biography in the 21st Century” – International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 2019

“’Peers Now’: Pitting the Corporate University against Professorial Fictions,” in the “Precarity and Activism Roundtable” – MLA, New York City, January 2018

On-Campus Talks:

“Allegations and Allusions: Contextualizing Rape in Poetry” – invited lecture, Cornell, November 2018

“Digital Humanities Panel” – Cornell, January 2018

“Paradoxes, Pibrac and Phalaris: Reading Beyond Sidney’s Silence on the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre,” Medieval Studies Roundtable – Cornell, September 2017

“Graduate Students, Graduate Stories” Panel – Cornell, August 2017

“Digital Projects in the Undergraduate Classroom” Roundtable, Digital Spaces: A Humanities Symposium – Cornell, May 2017

“The Case of Cecily Chaumpaigne,” Digital Scholarship in the Discipline Showcase – Cornell, January 2017

“Conversations in Digital Humanities Graduate Student Roundtable: Digital Pedagogies” – Cornell, October 2016

“Old Dragons and Old Warriors: The Advantage of Age in Anglo-Saxon Heroic Poetry,” Medieval Studies Roundtable – Cornell, April 2016