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Institutional Service

MLA Committee on Disability Issues in the Profession

Member, 2017-2020

Cornell University Presidential Task Force: Consensual Relationships Policy Committee

Co-Chair with Dean of Faculty Charles Van Loan, 2017-2018

The CRPC is charged with drafting . . . a policy that is easy to understand and inspires ethical behavior. To insure that the interests of all stakeholders are taken into account, the committee includes tenure track faculty, non-tenure track faculty and researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and staff members from legal counsel, the Title IX office, the Graduate School, the Dean of Students office, and Human Resources. Transparency is expected throughout the drafting process.

General Committee of the Graduate School, Cornell University

Graduate Student Voting Representative, 2015-2017

The General Committee is the administrative, legislative, and judicial board of the Graduate School and approves revisions to the Code of Legislation, approves appointments to the graduate faculty, and makes recommendations for new advanced degrees. 

Shared Governance at Cornell University

University Assembly

Executive Vice Chair, 2017-2018
Voting Member for Graduate and Professional Students, 2017

Codes and Judicial Committee

Ex-Officio Member, 2017-2018

Campus Welfare Committee

Ex-Officio Member, 2017-2018

Campus Infrastructure Committee

Ex-Officio Member, 2017-2018

With faculty, staff, undergraduates, and graduate or professional students appointed or elected by each of the shared governance bodies, the University Assembly takes up issues of common interest to all members of the Cornell community. It has responsibility over the Campus Code of Conduct, is a stakeholder in major university policy initiatives, and works to establish and maintain open, effective, and efficient channels of communication between and amongst the community and university administration. The University Assembly must approve each appointment or reappointment by the President of the University to the following offices: the Judicial Administrator, the University Ombudsman, and the Judicial Codes Counselor.

Faculty Senate 

Academic Freedom and the Professional Status of the Faculty Committee

Voting Member, 2016-2019

Presentation on Intimate Relationships and Ethics, September 20, 2017

Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

Ex-Officio Member, 2017-2018
Voting Member for the Humanities, 2016-2017
Field Representative for Medieval Studies, 2015-2016

Student Advocacy Committee

Member, 2015-2017

Diversity and International Students Committee

Member, 2016-2017

The GPSA brings together Cornell’s community of graduate and professional students to address non-academic issues of common concern. Drawing upon the strengths of its diverse community, the GPSA is responsible for setting and distributing the graduate student activity fee and representatives to University committees. The GPSA is composed of delegates from each graduate field and the professional schools and nineteen voting members, elected from the larger body of field representatives.

Student Assembly

Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives Committee

Graduate Student Liaison, 2015

Sexual Assault Network for Grads

President, 2016-2017
Web Chair, 2014-2015

Medieval Studies Graduate Field Organization, Cornell University

Chancellor, 2016-2017

Sexual Violence Prevention Work Group for Graduate and Professional Students, Cornell University

Member, 2015-2017

Student Library Advisory Council, Cornell University

Member, 2015-2016

Medieval Studies Department Undergraduate Group, Brown University

President, Spring 2010-Fall 2010
Web Chair, Fall 2008-Fall 2010